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One of my favourite artists is Banksy and one of my favourite toys when growing up was LEGO, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this. Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has created a series of photos that merge these two elements, recreating some of Banksy’s most famous pieces in LEGO brick form.

Friesen has then played on LEGO’s values of imagination and creativity, visualising what the wider context of the piece is by placing it within a larger LEGO environment.

Here’s a few of my favourites;


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 16.22.54

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 16.23.45

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 16.24.08

You can see more of the pics on Jeff’s website here.

Found via Design Taxi

Oscars And LEGO Bridges

Its been a while since I last posted about one of my own projects on this blog (or even posted at all for that matter), so I thought I’d give you a little update. Before that though, I just wanted to talk about the fantastic new piece of work by one of my favourite designers, Olly Moss. Now, those among you who are avid readers of my blog (I’m sure there are some of you out there!) may remember the post I did on his solo exhibition from last year, or the one I did on alternative movie posters that was inspired by his work.



The poster he created for the 85th Oscars is another example of his great visual work. It takes every single one of the best picture winners from the past 85 years and visualises them as an Oscars statue.


Seen above are the statues for ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. They, like the 83 others, remain true to the original award, not straying too far from its iconic design. Moss’ ability to sum up each of the movies just by using these small statues is truly amazing, and its created something which is great fun to interact with and try to work out which films each of them represent.

So, we come back to my work. After completing and handing in all my work for the first semester of my second year (the work for which will be on my website soon), I moved on to a YCN competition brief for LEGO, which was to create a campaign that distinguishes LEGO from its competitors. This past week has been quite hectic for me as I also took part in a four day live brief to design a logo and pitch it for use by mothers organisation ‘Story of Mum’. Despite this, I managed to use the little free time I had, to settle on the concept of strength and inspiration for the LEGO project. I then used the below piece of work by street artist MEGX as inspiration and spent my Friday afternoon after the ‘Story of Mum’ pitch building bridges out of LEGO.



The point of this was to see whether my campaign could be an installation of an actual bridge in the environment made out of LEGO and whether it would support someones weight…

IMG_1229 IMG_1231

And it worked!! You know what, maybe I’ve missed my calling in life by choosing to become a graphic designer. Maybe I should become some sort of structural engineer or architect instead! 😉

Advertising In Miniature

You may remember a few weeks ago that I showed you some award winning advertising that used real LEGO bricks. I found something the other day whilst researching guerrilla advertising for my latest project that shares similarities with that, but on a much smaller scale.

DLKW Lowe created these to scale mini billboards from real LEGO bricks, looking to promote the mini breaks which Legoland offers. This is often the sort of thing that makes the public look twice when waking past and stop to view it in more detail, so DLKW Lowe to advantage of this with a Twitter campaign that worked seamlessly with the advertisements.

Using a Google map of the billboards locations and #legolandminibreaks on twitter, DLKW Lowe showed the public where to go to find them, encouraging them to share and tweet the photos they took when they did. This spread the campaign even further, reaching thousands of people.

The miniature billboards even had their own mini lighting rigs.

Found via The Cool Collector

Lego Space Jump

Just a quick post today showing you this great little stop motion piece that I found this morning on the Design Bridge blog. It’s an advertisement for the Vienna Model Maker Fair that recreates Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space in the 1:350 scale of Lego, complete with some fitting music.

Found via Design Bridge’s blog

Create Your Own CD Case

In a way similar to the books I looked at a few days ago, this CD case for the new album by Steven Cowley promotes a great amount of interaction between it and the consumer. A limited edition of the album comes packaged with a bag of LEGO pieces and a set of step by step instructions that tell you how to put together your own case for the CD. This kind of physical interaction, as I’ve said before, is something I really enjoy in design and it has been used to great effect here.

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Explosive & Creative Advertising

Ogilvy & Mather are a world leading advertising agency who have offices in around 120 countries worldwide. They have worked for many high-profile clients such as British Gas, Coca-Cola and IBM, however I only found out about them and their work recently after researching into two great advertising campaigns that I have found in the past few days.

Both campaigns do not advertise the product through images of it, instead referencing it in other ways. This creates a simple advertisement that is focused on a really strong concept. Their work for Tabasco is a simple series of images of food exploding. This references the explosion of flavour that Tabasco would give. The images created are a fantastic visual, showing the food frozen mid explosion which really draws you into the advert, with the Tabasco logo in the top right corner telling you what the product is.

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