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Create Your Own CD Case

In a way similar to the books I looked at a few days ago, this CD case for the new album by Steven Cowley promotes a great amount of interaction between it and the consumer. A limited edition of the album comes packaged with a bag of LEGO pieces and a set of step by step instructions that tell you how to put together your own case for the CD. This kind of physical interaction, as I’ve said before, is something I really enjoy in design and it has been used to great effect here.

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Make Your Own Cover With H55 And Studio8 Design

I am a huge fan of design which is tactile, a physical item which the viewer can actually feel and experience. I’m even more of a fan of this kind of work when it is used to create an element of interaction between the product and its viewer, and this is what H55 and Studio8 Design have done with the two covers below.

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