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Apple-solutely Great Design

It may seem as though I am exclusively looking at advertising recently on this blog, but it’s just what I’m seeing the most because I watch so much TV! So this’ll be the third and final (for now) in what has become a mini series of posts about witty TV adverts recently (see the other two here and here).

This advert by advertising agency Fold7 is for cider brand Somersby. Using branding created by Taxi Studio, it came out a while ago but I’ve only just recently seen it on TV.

The advert is a brilliant spoof of Apple products and stores, parodying different terminology in some really inventive ways such as ‘pips’ instead of ‘bits’ and naming the operating system ‘pump’ after the pump which pours the pint. Somersby are by no means the first company to parody Apple and their customers in advertising, with Nokia and Samsung, among others, having done so before. However, in my opinion, it’s the little subtle and humorous references that set this advert apart from the others. The clever parodying of single and dual-core processors as apples and the subtle nod to the iPhone unlock with the thumb swiping across the glass at the end are just two of these great references in this clever and playful advert that shows just what Somersby is all about, ‘less apps, more apples’!

The success of the advert is clearly visible, with over 1.5 million YouTube views, and a whole host of positive comments about it on social media.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 21.15.25


(Image from Fold7’s website)

Specsavers Gets Topical Again

Some of you might remember a post I did last year during the Olympics that featured a great piece of topical advertising by Specsavers based on the North Korea/South Korea flag balls-up of the games. It was a great piece of work that was well received due to its relevance at the time.

Well now, half a year later, they’ve done it again. This time drawing influence from the infamous Eden Hazard ball boy kicking incident from the football this week. A simply designed advert that is sure to be popular and raise a chuckle!




No Longer Simples :(

Every now and then, companies choose to update and refresh their advertising campaigns in an attempt to improve their audience. Sometimes these updates work and sometimes they don’t, and although I don’t often talk about bad design on this blog, I felt I needed to talk about one which I feel hasn’t been pulled off successfully.

Many of you will be aware of the famous Compare The Market adverts that feature those awesome meerkats and their catchphrase “simples!”. Well those adverts are unfortunately now history, being replaced by Robert Webb dressed as some posh man in adverts that are, in my opinion, nowhere near as funny as the meerkat ones.

They’ve gone from this:

To this:

I understand that every brand needs a redesign from time to time, but why get rid of the meerkats? By doing this, Compare The Market have lost a well loved, iconic character who had become synonymous with the company and had made them much more popular. BRING BACK THE MEERKATS!!!

Rant over.

Any thoughts?

Advertising In Miniature

You may remember a few weeks ago that I showed you some award winning advertising that used real LEGO bricks. I found something the other day whilst researching guerrilla advertising for my latest project that shares similarities with that, but on a much smaller scale.

DLKW Lowe created these to scale mini billboards from real LEGO bricks, looking to promote the mini breaks which Legoland offers. This is often the sort of thing that makes the public look twice when waking past and stop to view it in more detail, so DLKW Lowe to advantage of this with a Twitter campaign that worked seamlessly with the advertisements.

Using a Google map of the billboards locations and #legolandminibreaks on twitter, DLKW Lowe showed the public where to go to find them, encouraging them to share and tweet the photos they took when they did. This spread the campaign even further, reaching thousands of people.

The miniature billboards even had their own mini lighting rigs.

Found via The Cool Collector

Fenton 4GEE

Obviously EE are not content with just their fantastic yet perhaps slightly too long Kevin Bacon adverts which they’ve been releasing recently. They’ve created this new video to promote the streaming capabilities of their 4G network, by using one of the most popular viral videos of all time.

What they have made is a complete HD remake of the famous Fenton video, complete with dramatic pans, slow motion and even dinosaurs!! Designed by Poke with Passion Pictures, it is rather amazing!

Here’s the video;

And here’s the original;

Found via Creative Review

Seriously Coca-Cola, Stop Being So Good!

So they’ve done it again. Obviously not content with the fantastic interactive advertising of theirs that I have looked at before, Coca-Cola has really pushed the levels of interaction between the public and vending machine in these two new campaigns.

The first is from Korea where they seem to have taken a leaf out of Fantastic Delites book by getting the public to work for their free Coke. Korea seems to have a lot of professional break-dancers and hand-shakers by the looks of it.

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Cooking Up A Rainbow

I know many of you will have already seen this advert as it has been on TV for a while now, but I wanted to show it to you as it’s such a great piece of advertising. The use of colour is fantastic and it works really well with the music.

Produced by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Dougal Wilson

Found via Colossal