Make Your Own Cover With H55 And Studio8 Design

I am a huge fan of design which is tactile, a physical item which the viewer can actually feel and experience. I’m even more of a fan of this kind of work when it is used to create an element of interaction between the product and its viewer, and this is what H55 and Studio8 Design have done with the two covers below.

For a book on their early work, H55 wanted to get across the concepts of interaction in print, chance, accidental beauty and design ownership which have all been seen in their approach to work. To do this, they turned the front cover into a sticker book jacket consisting of die-cut removable letters which said; ‘I WANT THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK TO BE’. This invites the reader to create their own personal cover and title for the book, as seen below.

Studio8 Design’s approach to creating an interaction for the reader was to invite them to be creative and create the entire cover themselves. The plain white cover, which just featured the name and issue number of the magazine, has a simple acetate sleeve in front of it which promotes this interaction.

Both these ideas are incredibly simple, but really effective. They symbolise the kind of tactile, interactive design which I really enjoy and hope to produce some of myself in the future.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another post on the production of Benzanoe Magazine Issue 65 which I talked a bit about on Sunday.

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