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Olly Moss – Paper Cuts

Very few people can gain a large following for their work over a short period of time, but this is something that UK based artist and designer Olly Moss has managed to achieve. I am a huge fan of Moss’ work, in particular his reinventions of movie posters and his overall minimalistic style and pop culture references. However, the work I am going to talk about in this post is from his first solo exhibition in 2011.

Entitled ‘Paper Cuts’, the exhibition featured laser cut, black Victorian silhouettes of 300 pop culture characters from movies, tv, video games and more. Each piece was individually titled and framed, with the layout of some of the pieces linking to the theme of the character they depict (see “Real Boy” below).

The exhibition was incredibly popular, with people lining up 24 hours before it opened on its opening night, and hundreds coming to view it, as seen in the image below. The one thing I love about the whole idea and concept of it, is how even though the images are profile silhouettes of the characters, they are all instantly recognisable. This is probably why Moss chose the laser cut way of working, as it fits with his minimal style and also allows just the outline of the character to tell you who it is, showing you how recognisable they really are.

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