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Bagpuss In Jurassic Park? Yes Please!

Many of the worlds favourite movies have only become popular due to a well-known actors performance, but what if this wasn’t the case? Would films such as Jaws and Scarface have been as good with a different actor in the lead role? Did you know that many of these well-known movie parts were first auditioned for by many of our most loved woolly characters such as Bagpuss and Zippy from Rainbow?…

Ok, so that last part isn’t true, but it is a fictional scenario created by advertising agency Mother as part of a campaign for Comic Relief. The campaign, which is supposedly set up by a fictional organisation called ‘The Woolly Actors Guild’ and headed by the monkey from the PG Tips adverts, centres around a petition for equal employment opportunities for both human and woolly actors. The videos seen below were created as a sort of back story of past times where woolly actors have supposedly been rejected for being too woolly. This is supposed to encourage you to sign the petition, however the one thing I am unsure of is due to the fact that the petition is fictional, how does signing it benefit Comic Relief? Perhaps it is not a fundraising ploy but rather something merely for comic effect.

Bungle from Rainbow in Jaws:

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