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App Design For The Confused Sports Viewer

If you’re anything like me, you might have been watching the Olympics over the past few days and been left confused by the rules of some of the events and competitions. Well that’s no longer a problem thanks to this beautifully designed app from Wilson Fletcher which features some great illustrations by Ryan Todd.

Katie Buchanan, a Wilson Fletcher designer, came up with the idea last year at Wimbledon after hearing a member of the crowd ask a friend how many times the ball could bounce!

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Poking Fun At The Olympic Games

With the London 2012 Olympics now in full swing I spent some time this morning looking into recent design work based on them and found these two pieces that poke a little bit of fun at the sports spectacle.

The first one is this great new advert from Specsavers, taking advantage of the balls-up by the Olympic organisers which caused the South Korean flag to be displayed next to the North Korean football team.

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Behind The Scenes Of The BBC Olympic Titles

Now I know that this video isn’t incredibly design based for what is a predominately design blog, but with the London 2012 Olympics officially kicking off this evening I felt I needed a post that related to it.

A few weeks ago I told you about the official titles for the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics and the awesome animation that was used in it. This video gives you a bit of a behind the scenes look at the production of both the animation by Passion Pictures and the music that was created by the band Elbow.

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If The Official London 2012 Olympic Posters Had Been Done By Graphic Designers

When the official posters for the London 2012 Olympic Games were revealed late last year, the general reaction to the was mixed. The one group of people who were really opposed to the choice of using purely artists for the posters was the world of graphic design. Designers felt pretty miffed that they hadn’t been given the opportunity to design something themselves that would be viewed by thousands of people over the course of the olympics.

This opportunity has been given back to them however, in a new exhibition called Fit. Put together by Jonathan Barnbrook and Vaughan Oliver, Fit is an exhibition of alternative Olympic posters produced by some of Britain’s top designers, whom Barnbrook and Oliver felt would have been asked to design the official ones, had graphic designers been considered.

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BBC Olympic Titles Unveiled. Remind Me Of Something

The BBC unveiled their title sequence for the London 2012 Olympics yesterday which will feature before all of their olympic programming during the events this summer. Created as part of a collaboration between RKCR/Y&R, Red Bee Media and Passion Pictures it turns the UK into a giant sporting venue for the events to take place in. We therefore see characters diving into Scottish lochs and running on tracks next to terraced houses whilst accompanied by some orchestral music by Elbow.

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Music & Photo Sunday 8 – 2,000 Views And Gloomy Skies

Friday marked another milestone in the life of this blog as I reached 2,000 views. The fact that I reached this just three weeks after reaching 1,000 views, shows how the blog is steadily becoming more and more popular, which is something which really excites me. Thanks once again to everyone from all over the world who still read my daily posts and here’s to the next 1,000 views!

So today is the end of my first week back home in Bath and therefore the first week of Bath pictures in these Sunday posts. The pictures from this week are mainly of some rather gloomy skies produced by the predominately wet weather.

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