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Minimal Cinema Branding

I Love Dust created the branding for Portsmouth art house cinema ‘No. 6 Cinema’ a few years ago now, however it’s something that I’ve always liked and recently rediscovered whilst looking at their website.

This awesome series of programmes that they produced as part of the brand redesign are perfectly simple. Using stills from famous movies and applying a half-tone effect to create a minimal style that isn’t overcomplicated by multiple colours. The image is also made the focus of the cover which promotes the programmes context.

Minimal typography, with only the logo, cinema name and issue number used continues this minimal style.

Overall, the branding and programmes have been produced in a style which I think perfectly relates to the art house style of the cinema itself.

Meaty Self Promotion

When a design agency creates a piece of self promotional work, they often like to promote the less well-known or quirky aspects of their company. I Love Dust chose to do this when they created this piece of work for their agency, bringing to the fore the fact that they are based in an old butchers shop.

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Soup Glorious Soup

As I come towards the end of this picnic project, I seem to be looking more at packaging design online. Recently, I fought this great piece of packaging design by I Love Dust for a redesign of the GLORIOUS! Soups range. Using a simple concept for the design, I Love Dust chose to represent the first letter of each soups name in a series of fantastic hand drawn typographical illustrations which were themed based on origins of each soup. This created a great children’s ABC book style label for each soup (S is for Spanish Tomato & Chorizo) with some truly beautiful typography, as seen below;

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