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ASS-some Design

First off, excuse the horrific attempt at a pun with this post’s title, it was just something that jumped to mind and I couldn’t shake it! Anyway, as I now come towards the end of my second semester of third year and the business end of my degree at Falmouth, I’m beginning to spend more and more time looking at the work of design agencies, to help identify ones that I might want to send my portfolio to in the hopes of getting a placement.

On a recent browse of work, one of the pieces that immediately jumped out at me was The Allotment‘s redesign of the Adoption Scheme for The Donkey Sanctuary. Taking what was a simple piece of editorial design and turning it into something much more emotive and considered, the scheme was given a core concept that clearly set it apart from other competitor products. The big idea was ‘A Lifetime of Memories’, making the donkeys the hero of the product and bringing them into the heart of your family.



Each donkey was professionally photographed, with the adoption pack designed to look like a picture frame in which all the supporting material sat. This allowed it to be its own point of sale pack, immediately intriguing and enticing viewers. Other elements of the redesigned scheme, such as the supporting material and an app which allows you to add donkeys to your own photos were all equally beautifully crafted, but for me it is the frame pack that is the star of the show.


Not only is it really well crafted with great attention to detail, but it is just so unique in its design and the idea behind it. The use of the picture frame really emphasises the ‘part of the family’ concept, putting it a million miles away from the generic design of the sanctuary’s previous adoption pack. Its difference grabs your attention instantly and holds it throughout all aspects of the scheme and pack. It also allows it to sit rather nicely amongst your family photos!



In my opinion it really is a fantastic piece of design and this thought is obviously shared by others as it recently won best product launch at the Marketing Design Awards. For more information on the adoption pack, visit The Allotment’s website here, or watch the below video.


For a studio that have only been around for four years, The Allotment have really become a force in the design world, placing 9th in Design Week’s Creative Survey in 2012, above huge agencies like Pentagram and Johnson Banks. They have become one of my favourite design studios whose work and process really inspires me in my own. When I come to applying for placements in a few weeks time, I’ll definitely be sending The Allotment a copy of my portfolio. Here’s hoping I get a positive response.

The Rare Appearance Of A Blog Post

You may have noticed that I have been somewhat neglecting this blog recently, with no new posts for the last couple of weeks. Now, this isn’t because I haven’t wanted to post anything (I’ve got tons of bookmarked work that I want to talk about), it’s because I just unfortunately haven’t had the time.

When I started this blog I set myself the perhaps somewhat daunting task of one post per day. Despite this, I managed to succeed for the most part, sticking to the rule for a number of months. In retrospect, this may not have been the best decision, as once the second year of my uni course was up and running I found myself wanting to put more and more time into the work for it because, unlike last year, this one actually counts towards my degree. Because of this, the one post per day rule sort of went out the window!

Now, don’t sit there thinking that this means your favourite blog in all of the world is no more! What this just means is that from now on the blog will be much more sporadic in posts, with me only posting when I can, which I will try my best to make as often as possible. I will endeavour to create some sort of less constrained post schedule in the future, but unfortunately with everything that’s going on, I can’t make any promises.

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Music & Photo Sunday 12 – A Twist On The Format

A slight twist on the format for the first Sunday post back after the break. Today’s photos are not ones which I have taken out and about on my iPhone, but rather ones of a series of t-shirts I have been designing as part of a personal side project recently.

The pictures themselves are for some reason too bright and are not being displayed in the correct colours. Hopefully I will get them uploaded properly on my website in the near future.

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Music & Photo Sunday 7 – The Journey Home

So I’m sat here in my bedroom after the four hour trip back home to Bath from Falmouth. Now that my first year at uni is well and truly over, I can look back and say what a great year it was. I hope the next two years are just as good!

Anyways, todays post is rather late and short due to the whole journey back home, but rest assured that things will be back to normal from tomorrow. I’ve also got a post or two planned for the next few weeks on my own work from the past year if that’s something you want to see.

Photos from my journey back home:

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Music & Photo Sunday 2 – The Olympic Torch

So the Olympic Torch came to Falmouth yesterday and as you can see from the photos below, town was full of people. The sheer amount of people that turned up was unreal as it’s the complete opposite of how busy the centre of Falmouth normally is. The best part of yesterday, was not just the whole atmosphere of the event, but the fact that because it is so quick to walk from one side of town to the other, I managed to see the torch on three different occasions over the course of the day.

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