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Smart Dancing

In an effort to get more people to wait for the red light at pedestrian crossings, car manufacturer Smart redesigned the experience as part of their promotional safety campaign WhatAreYouFOR. A really fantastic concept, it uses a nearby booth and cameras to translate the dance moves of members of the public into the red traffic light man in real time. Its a really fun and engaging idea that seems to have achieved its purpose of making the public take notice and wait, as it resulted in 81% more people stopping at the crossing.

Found via Colossal


A Typographical Experience

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a massive fan of design that encourages interaction between it and the viewer, and this work by Lo Siento is no exception. These great handmade paper letterform, which they refer to as 4D type as it is two of the same character within one letterform, allow the viewer to see at least two versions of the letter within the same structure, which creates a viewer interaction as they walk around it and experience it.

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