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Social Soda

Everyone knows that Coca-Cola are great at producing innovative, exciting advertising campaigns. I’ve talked about them several times on this blog, herehere and here, about their various different “share happiness” campaigns. This one however was definitely one that made me think “I wish I’d thought of that” and also made me wonder why they hadn’t created it sooner as it seems to me to be the obvious thing to do based on the slogan.

Ogilvy & Mather Singapore came up with the simple idea of having the can itself as the thing being shared. A simple twist and pull splits it in half, allowing you to share the product with a friend and the above video shows just how popular it was. It even features a nice little nod to Jonathan Mak’s Coca-Cola advert at the end.

Not wanting to be outdone on the creative advertising front, Pepsi created their own campaign with the help of Belgian advertising company TBWA.

Simply liking the Pepsi Facebook page gives you a free Pepsi in a way similar to the previous Coca-Cola campaigns that gave you free stuff for doing things. It’s perhaps too similar I feel, as although it’s using something innovative that Coca-Cola hasn’t used before in Facebook likes, the whole principle behind the idea is just the same. But that’s just my opinion.

Both found via Design Taxi

Seriously Coca-Cola, Stop Being So Good!

So they’ve done it again. Obviously not content with the fantastic interactive advertising of theirs that I have looked at before, Coca-Cola has really pushed the levels of interaction between the public and vending machine in these two new campaigns.

The first is from Korea where they seem to have taken a leaf out of Fantastic Delites book by getting the public to work for their free Coke. Korea seems to have a lot of professional break-dancers and hand-shakers by the looks of it.

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A Very Swedish Saturday #2 – Swedish Design Delicacies

It’s Saturday again, which means another post from my Swedish design mini-series. Today’s edition looks at the new packaging for Ikea’s food and drink range, which is predictably very minimal and swedish. Designed by Stockholm Design Lab, it features stripped back design, simple imagery and the usual Swedish product name.

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The Fermentation Society

This piece of packaging design by WORK Labs has an interesting context than you wouldn’t first realise when looking at it. Joining with American homebrew beer enthusiasts to create The Fermentation Society, a way of giving beer brewers and their beers a wider presence and popularity.

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Use In Case Of Party

A little bit of bottle design and packaging work by Russian Art Director and Graphic Designer Timur Salikhov today. Tasked with creating a striking visual concept for a vodka bottle he based his on a fire extinguisher, making it the look and feel of the bottle itself.

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Reminddrink – My Work

This project was the first one from my first year of uni in which I got really good feedback and marks. The project required us to design either a typeface or a drinks product based a questionnaire filled in by an unknown peer. The questionnaire I was given was filled in by someone who talked about being forgetful, so I chose to create a fictional new drink that helps you remember things to do each day.

I called it Reminddrink:

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Designed With A Little Help From Gravity

I looked at some rather interesting and different wine bottle designs a few days ago with Dorian’s puzzle based range, and this post continues that theme of ingenious work within wine bottle design.

As part of a student packaging project Patrick Hill created these great bottles for a fictional wine company called “Gravity”. In some great tactile design, the use of gravity to drip paint on the bottle provides a perfect link with the concept of gravity in alcohol production.

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