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Benzanoe Magazine Issue 65

A couple of weeks ago, almost a year since I worked on designing it, Benzanoe Issue 65 was finally published. It’s been refined a bit since I last showed it to you and overall I’m really pleased with it and excited to finally have my own copy.

Apologies for the poor quality image, once I have completed the redesign of my website I’ll hopefully put some better shots of the magazine up on it.

20130501-011050 PM.jpg

Via Dion Star

Music & Photo Sunday 6 – Design Team! Assemble!

I promised you earlier this week that today’s post would include some info on Issue 65 of Benzanoe Magazine and my work designing it, so here we are. Part of a ten person design team, we spent five days working on it, creating a concept for the design of the issue as well as the layout and other elements. The issue itself was based on the theme ‘The Future Is Only Present Hope’ and we chose to split the magazine into four sections, with the first three documenting the design and production of it and the fourth section the magazine itself.

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