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Minimal Cinema Branding

I Love Dust created the branding for Portsmouth art house cinema ‘No. 6 Cinema’ a few years ago now, however it’s something that I’ve always liked and recently rediscovered whilst looking at their website.

This awesome series of programmes that they produced as part of the brand redesign are perfectly simple. Using stills from famous movies and applying a half-tone effect to create a minimal style that isn’t overcomplicated by multiple colours. The image is also made the focus of the cover which promotes the programmes context.

Minimal typography, with only the logo, cinema name and issue number used continues this minimal style.

Overall, the branding and programmes have been produced in a style which I think perfectly relates to the art house style of the cinema itself.

Viral Marketing In Cinema – Part 1

Viral marketing is something which has started to become commonplace for big name movies before they are released. It has been used on many well-known movies, such as Prometheus, The Dark Knight and District 9 amongst others. However, it was first used in its infancy by The Blair Witch Project in 1999, using images of the cast before the events of the film to create a sort of missing person style back story for the characters on their website. Since then, viral marketing has grown into something even bigger and become more integral to the major successes of the film.

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