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No Longer Simples :(

Every now and then, companies choose to update and refresh their advertising campaigns in an attempt to improve their audience. Sometimes these updates work and sometimes they don’t, and although I don’t often talk about bad design on this blog, I felt I needed to talk about one which I feel hasn’t been pulled off successfully.

Many of you will be aware of the famous Compare The Market adverts that feature those awesome meerkats and their catchphrase “simples!”. Well those adverts are unfortunately now history, being replaced by Robert Webb dressed as some posh man in adverts that are, in my opinion, nowhere near as funny as the meerkat ones.

They’ve gone from this:

To this:

I understand that every brand needs a redesign from time to time, but why get rid of the meerkats? By doing this, Compare The Market have lost a well loved, iconic character who had become synonymous with the company and had made them much more popular. BRING BACK THE MEERKATS!!!

Rant over.

Any thoughts?

How Far Would You Go For Free Snacks?

This fantastic advertising campaign from Australian company “Fantastic Delites” shares similarities with that of the Coca-Cola advertising campaigns which I looked at a few months ago as it involves a machine dispensing free items. The main difference with this one though is that members of the public had to work for their prize.

Tasks from pressing a button a huge number of times, to doing crazy dances resulted in a free pack of snacks for the participant. This creates a great element of interaction between the public and the campaign due to the large crowds which showed up to see people potentially embarrass themselves in public.

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