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The selfie has become commonplace in the last year or so, even making itself into the Oxford Dictionary as the word of the year for 2013. It has completely changed both the worlds of social media and also photography. Many members of the public now repeatedly take these ‘selfie’ photos but, as a piece of self-portraiture, are they truly an accurate representation of how the photo taker views themselves as a person?

This is where the #Bagsie exhibition comes in, a collaboration between Soapbox and Sons, Creative Advice Network, photographer Jonathan Knowles and a collection of ten different illustrators, artists and writers. #Bagsie updates the selfie and brings it more into the world of portraiture photography with a great new idea, covering each subjects head with a decorated brown paper bag.


Each participating artist illustrated their paper bag to represent the individual personality within them. The idea behind this was to create a more accurate representation of the subject than just the face value that the standard selfie would capture. It’s a really interesting thought with some of the bags produced being fantastic pieces of art in themselves that, when paired with their subjects, make for a collection of really fun images.




The #Bagsie show runs from 11th-16th November at The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET

Found via Design Week


Eyebombing 2 – Even Googlyer

Whilst I was writing the last blog post, I came across a couple more examples of “eyebombing” and thought I would use a quick post today to show you them.

First is the work of ich bin KONG who used small polystyrene balls to bring his chosen objects to life. A few of my favourites are below and there are more on his website here.

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Street artist D*Face turned his attention to discarded christmas trees for his work. His “eyebaubles” project turned the trees into humorous figures that have a wide range of expressions, from depressed to angry to confused.

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Found via Design Taxi