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The Lights Of Italy – A 3,000 View Celebratory Photo Special

So, after a week away in the sunny bay of Sorrento, Italy, I’m finally back in Bath, welcomed by equally sunny weather which is nice. Being back in Bath also means the return of regular blog posts after the semi-regularity of last week and also the celebration of another blog milestone that was reached while I was away.

Now I know I go on about these milestones when I reach them and you’ve probably got bored with me telling you about every single one, so I’ll make them less frequent in the future, but 3,000 views is in my eyes a rather large number for what I consider to be a not very far-reaching blog, so thanks once again for all of your continued support and views.

To celebrate and due to the fact that you all missed out on what I’m sure would have been a fantastic edition of Music & Photo Sunday two days ago I’ve chosen to post a few photos which I took whilst on holiday. They form part of self-initiated mini-project of sorts which I came up on the first night after accidentally discovering the awesomeness of long exposure photos whilst messing about with my camera.

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Horror Film Festival Posters – My Work

This was the last project I did in my first year at uni. Set the task of designing three typographical posters for a fictional horror film festival I created Fearstifal, a horror film festival in Falmouth, and came up with the idea of using a glow-in-the-dark hidden message on each of the posters.

The three posters were based on three different elements of films; film titles, quotes and directors. Each poster contained a list of items relating to its theme in a recurring style that was a very subtle link to reels of film.

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Reminddrink – My Work

This project was the first one from my first year of uni in which I got really good feedback and marks. The project required us to design either a typeface or a drinks product based a questionnaire filled in by an unknown peer. The questionnaire I was given was filled in by someone who talked about being forgetful, so I chose to create a fictional new drink that helps you remember things to do each day.

I called it Reminddrink:

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Art Foundation Final Major Project – My Work

My final major project on my Art Foundation course shared similarities with the Baseline Magazine project I looked at in the last post. I went into the project wanting to create a book as it was something I hadn’t done before and so came up with a brief to explore and question the use of typography through the use of books.

I produced three books as my final piece which were exhibited below three pieces of text as seen below. Each book contained a collection of screen-printed quotes and definitions which described what had been done to each book and were obscured or altered in some way.

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Baseline Magazine – My Work

To start this week of posts I’m going to talk about one of my favourite projects that I did during Art Foundation last year. For it I produced two fictional designs for the front cover of a possible future issue of Baseline Magazine.

We were tasked with creating a theme for the issue before designing the cover so I chose to look into typography and question why it should be produced in conventional ways.

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A Typographical Experience

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a massive fan of design that encourages interaction between it and the viewer, and this work by Lo Siento is no exception. These great handmade paper letterform, which they refer to as 4D type as it is two of the same character within one letterform, allow the viewer to see at least two versions of the letter within the same structure, which creates a viewer interaction as they walk around it and experience it.

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A Picnic Fit For A Queen

With my last major deadline of this first year of uni passing yesterday, I felt that I would use todays post to talk a little bit about my latest project. I won’t write about the entire 5 week long process as that would take forever, so instead I’ll just talk about the concept and final outcome. The project was a past YCN brief set by Marks & Spencer to create a picnic pack for them based on a chosen theme. I chose to base mine on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and created the concept of a party picnic that would also be part of an event organised by Marks & Spencer.

The logo I created introduces a visual language link across all the packaging. I feel that both the crown image and the handwritten script style font for the picnic title link well to the jubilee theme of the picnic, having a summery yet slightly regal feel.

My pack logo:

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