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Music & Photo Sunday 12 – A Twist On The Format

A slight twist on the format for the first Sunday post back after the break. Today’s photos are not ones which I have taken out and about on my iPhone, but rather ones of a series of t-shirts I have been designing as part of a personal side project recently.

The pictures themselves are for some reason too bright and are not being displayed in the correct colours. Hopefully I will get them uploaded properly on my website in the near future.

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Music & Photo Sunday 11 – Panorama Italia

IT’S BACK! My usual Sunday post of music and photography goodness! Apologies for the extreme lateness of this post, but I’ve been busy watching the Olympics, as I’m sure many of you have, and I’m also packing for my return to Falmouth next weekend.

For the photos today I’ve got some panoramas made from images I took during my holiday in Italy last week.

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Music & Photo Sunday 10 – Lens Flares & Next Week Plans

Music & Photo Sunday reaches double figures with today’s post, which is great because of the fact that I won’t be able to do one next week due to being on holiday in Italy. I’m in the process of scheduling some posts for while I’m away, but more on that later.

The photos from this week feature quite a lot of interesting lens flares due to be taken during a rather sunny walk I took around where I live in Bath.

And todays song is Octopus by Bloc Party, the first song from their new album.

So back to plans for next week. I’m planning on producing four posts that will go up on alternate days from tomorrow. These posts will look at some of the “more¬†successful” projects that I have worked on over the past two years. They’re not perfect and there are several things I would change on them now that I’m a more experienced Graphic Designer, but I hope you appreciate them all the same.

Music & Photo Sunday 9 – Not Much Text

I’ll start with an apology as I’m not going to be writing much in this post today, due to the fact that I am currently watching the Wimbledon mens final. Hopefully though, the music and photos that I’ve chosen for this ninth edition of my regular Sunday post will more than make up for a lack of text. And besides, I’ve never been the best at writing anyway!

Photos of this week include some great woodland shots and some more gloomy skies:

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Music & Photo Sunday 8 – 2,000 Views And Gloomy Skies

Friday marked another milestone in the life of this blog as I reached 2,000 views. The fact that I reached this just three weeks after reaching 1,000 views, shows how the blog is steadily becoming more and more popular, which is something which really excites me. Thanks once again to everyone from all over the world who still read my daily posts and here’s to the next 1,000 views!

So today is the end of my first week back home in Bath and therefore the first week of Bath pictures in these Sunday posts. The pictures from this week are mainly of some rather gloomy skies produced by the predominately wet weather.

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