A Bit Of Will Ferrell And S**t Clients Say; The 5,000 View, 100th Post Spectacular

So it’s finally here, my 100th post on this blog, which has conveniently fallen on the same day as it passed 5,000 views! Thanks to everyone who has viewed it since its creation and helped it to last this long!

To celebrate, I’ve got a much longer and quite exciting post today. First, given the recent events of the Presidential Election, I thought I’d show you this campaign video from Will Ferrell (comedian, actor, founder of Facebook), that encourages people to get out and vote for President Obama.

And whilst we’re on the subject of the election, here’s a great video of Barack Obama singing some MC Hammer;

Now, time to get back to the subject of design. One thing I’m always excited by and interested in when doing projects, is how it would be like to do them for clients in a real working environment. If this work is anything to go by though, I’m not sure whether I want to be excited by that anymore!

Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy created this series of posters to visualise some of the utterly ridiculous things that clients can sometimes say.

This is just a selection of my favourite ones though, there are even more to look at on the website here. They reminded me of ‘Clients from hell’ who created this video to showcase some rather interesting design and client conversations;

You can see more of these stories on the ‘Clients from hell’ website

Found via Creative Review and Helloyoucreatives

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