Charting Musical History

I got a new brief today to rebrand and devise a creative strategy for an art and design materials supplier, which I’m actually quite excited about. I suppose I should be looking at some branding and identity work that is relevant to it, but I saw this and just had to post about it.

As a celebration of their 125 years, Sony Music created a massive typographic timeline that would fill almost 150 square metres of blank wall space at their headquarters. It features some truly awesome type and illustration work by a great designer called Alex Fowkes.

The timeline contains the names of nearly 1000 artists who Sony have signed since 1887, all of which are contained within 54 columns of vinyl lettering that measure around 2 metres tall each. The variety of typefaces used and the way they all slot together with each other and the illustrations is really engaging and reminds me a lot of the Blackpool Comedy Carpet from earlier this year.

This video shows the massive scale of the project and the huge amount of work that went into it:

You can see more pictures of the timeline on its Behance page here.

Found via Behance


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