Seriously Coca-Cola, Stop Being So Good!

So they’ve done it again. Obviously not content with the fantastic interactive advertising of theirs that I have looked at before, Coca-Cola has really pushed the levels of interaction between the public and vending machine in these two new campaigns.

The first is from Korea where they seem to have taken a leaf out of Fantastic Delites book by getting the public to work for their free Coke. Korea seems to have a lot of professional break-dancers and hand-shakers by the looks of it.

The second campaign is probably more relevant at the moment given that the new James Bond film Skyfall opened in cinemas in the UK today. After getting their Coke from the machine, the public were tasked with getting to a specific location within a time limit whilst overcoming several obstacles. Doing so won them exclusive tickets for the film.

Just a couple of examples of why Coca-Cola is amongst the best in the world when it comes to this kind of advertising. Oh, and for a little bit of fun to finish this post, here’s some Ken Jeong. Enjoy!


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