The Rare Appearance Of A Blog Post

You may have noticed that I have been somewhat neglecting this blog recently, with no new posts for the last couple of weeks. Now, this isn’t because I haven’t wanted to post anything (I’ve got tons of bookmarked work that I want to talk about), it’s because I just unfortunately haven’t had the time.

When I started this blog I set myself the perhaps somewhat daunting task of one post per day. Despite this, I managed to succeed for the most part, sticking to the rule for a number of months. In retrospect, this may not have been the best decision, as once the second year of my uni course was up and running I found myself wanting to put more and more time into the work for it because, unlike last year, this one actually counts towards my degree. Because of this, the one post per day rule sort of went out the window!

Now, don’t sit there thinking that this means your favourite blog in all of the world is no more! What this just means is that from now on the blog will be much more sporadic in posts, with me only posting when I can, which I will try my best to make as often as possible. I will endeavour to create some sort of less constrained post schedule in the future, but unfortunately with everything that’s going on, I can’t make any promises.

Now for some actual work. I’ve got a uni project at the moment which requires me to take photographs of mature workers in Falmouth. I had come up with a great way of getting a deeper meaning into the images of my subject who used to work in cinema, but unfortunately the equipment I needed wasn’t available to me. As we weren’t allowed to edit the pictures post shoot, I had planned to use double exposures on a film camera to overlay images of my subject on images of the cinema.

What I had hoped to achieve can be seen in these images by Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart who influenced my initial decision to try this idea.

You can see more of the images on their blog here.

Found via Co.DESIGN


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