The Fermentation Society

This piece of packaging design by WORK Labs has an interesting context than you wouldn’t first realise when looking at it. Joining with American homebrew beer enthusiasts to create The Fermentation Society, a way of giving beer brewers and their beers a wider presence and popularity.

The design and style of the packaging shares similarities with Bureau Bruneau’s FEMA work which I have looked at before, but an online element has been added. Wanting to give the beer’s brewers a presence outside of their own social circles, WORK Labs created a web based platform that works like so;

  1. A home brewer finishes a batch of beer and registers it on The Fermentation Society website.
  2. A unique batch number and scannable QR code are assigned, and is applied to a sheet of adhesive bottle labels printed by WORK Labs.
  3. The labels (and matching caps) are sent to the brewer within a few days of their registration.
  4. The home brewer labels his/her bottles, and distributes them with a simple instruction: “Try it, scan the label with your phone, and share your opinion on the site.”
  5. Anyone trying the beer can then rate it according to 5 simple dimensions on the Fermentation Society site. They can also leave a Tweet-length review.

The style of the packaging really has that homemade feel, and the idea behind it is, in my opinion, simple but also effective enough to be successful.

Found via thedieline


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