My Blog Returns, And I Could Eat A Horse

After what seemed like an age of waiting for my internet to be set up, I’m back and I’ve got plenty of content from the last few weeks to look at and post about in the future.

To kick off ‘Blog 2.0’ as I’ve decided to call it, here’s a great piece of product design by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson, which was actually what I was going to post about five or so weeks ago, before the Gods of internet decided to stop me.

A simple spaghetti measuring tool that allows you to accommodate for dinner guests who like to use that age-old saying “I could eat a horse”. It also double as a handy measurement for families, as the horse section is enough pasta for four people.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this return to posting and thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and continued to view this blog after looking at it before the five-and-a-bit-week break. If you are viewing my blog for the first ever time, in this, it’s new 2.0 format (which is essentially the same as the old format), then hello and welcome! 🙂

In other news, now that I have internet I can get back to the improvements of my website, so expect to see updates on that within the next few weeks.

Found via Colossal, you can buy the measuring tool here.


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