A Further Excursion Into The Photographic World Of Little People (And Snails)

This post is very much in the same theme as yesterdays one, as I felt I needed to talk a bit more about Slinkachu, the street artist who I mentioned yesterday.

You can immediately see the similarities between his work and that of Boffoli who I looked at yesterday. Slinkachu’s “Little People” series however, does not only show the figures interacting with food but with many other things as well.

His work not only includes miniature figures. Another project of his called “Inner City Snail” adds snails into the mix.

Here’s a collection of Slinkachu’s work;

You can see more of his work on his blog here, or on his website here.

I’m going to Wimbledon to watch the Olympic tennis tomorrow, so tomorrows post could be one of two things, either very late or non-existent. Hopefully it’s the first one so you don’t miss out on anything.



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