Poking Fun At The Olympic Games

With the London 2012 Olympics now in full swing I spent some time this morning looking into recent design work based on them and found these two pieces that poke a little bit of fun at the sports spectacle.

The first one is this great new advert from Specsavers, taking advantage of the balls-up by the Olympic organisers which caused the South Korean flag to be displayed next to the North Korean football team.

Placed in newspapers shortly after it occurred, the advert is a fantastic fit with the company’s usual ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’ campaign, even if there is a slight debate on whether the Korean actually translates properly.

The second piece of work is by the always awesome (in my opinion) Olly Moss. Based on the official Olympic pictograms by SomeOne which I am a huge fan of, he jokingly created pictograms for three “rejected Olympic events” encouraging people to pin them up around London and cause havoc with tourists!

As you can see they are based on Harry Potter, Tron and Pokemon and fit well with the official ones seen below.

Found via creativereview, designboom and Olly Moss’ blog.

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