The Lights Of Italy – A 3,000 View Celebratory Photo Special

So, after a week away in the sunny bay of Sorrento, Italy, I’m finally back in Bath, welcomed by equally sunny weather which is nice. Being back in Bath also means the return of regular blog posts after the semi-regularity of last week and also the celebration of another blog milestone that was reached while I was away.

Now I know I go on about these milestones when I reach them and you’ve probably got bored with me telling you about every single one, so I’ll make them less frequent in the future, but 3,000 views is in my eyes a rather large number for what I consider to be a not very far-reaching blog, so thanks once again for all of your continued support and views.

To celebrate and due to the fact that you all missed out on what I’m sure would have been a fantastic edition of Music & Photo Sunday two days ago I’ve chosen to post a few photos which I took whilst on holiday. They form part of self-initiated mini-project of sorts which I came up on the first night after accidentally discovering the awesomeness of long exposure photos whilst messing about with my camera.

The combination of celebratory fireworks and some great coloured lights around the bay made for a great collection of images.

I’ll be putting these pics and a few more on my website over the coming weeks as part of a slight redesign I’m doing on it. So don’t forget to check out the website here.


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