Art Foundation Final Major Project – My Work

My final major project on my Art Foundation course shared similarities with the Baseline Magazine project I looked at in the last post. I went into the project wanting to create a book as it was something I hadn’t done before and so came up with a brief to explore and question the use of typography through the use of books.

I produced three books as my final piece which were exhibited below three pieces of text as seen below. Each book contained a collection of screen-printed quotes and definitions which described what had been done to each book and were obscured or altered in some way.

The text above the books was a mixture of found text and my own writing, and described the whole idea behind the project. The three books were made from different materials and had the text altered in different ways:

  1. Concertina fold book that had etched zinc covers and sandblasted pvc pages. Held together with brass hinges.
  2. Covers made from an old clipboard that I cut in half and spray-painted. Front cover is hinged, with the pages wrapped in a textured paper to obscure the text.
  3. Pages were partially burnt with the covers mad from carrier bags that I melted around a wire frame using a heat gun. Held together with a series of cable ties.

If you have any questions about this project, leave them as a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer them.

Check out my website to look at some of the other projects I have done.

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