Designed With A Little Help From Gravity

I looked at some rather interesting and different wine bottle designs a few days ago with Dorian’s puzzle based range, and this post continues that theme of ingenious work within wine bottle design.

As part of a student packaging project Patrick Hill created these great bottles for a fictional wine company called “Gravity”. In some great tactile design, the use of gravity to drip paint on the bottle provides a perfect link with the concept of gravity in alcohol production.

The tactile element of the design stems from Hill’s want to create something that was more complex and intriguing than a simple flat label; “I wanted to go beyond a simple label for this packaging project and create something that had a more tactile aspect to it, so I decided to use paint in conjunction with a label as a way to achieve this.”

The logo for the product is a beautifully simple and minimalist upside down droplet, which links to the paint streaks and gravity idea.

The design of these bottles is a great piece of tactile design, creating a one-of-a-kind product due to the randomness of the paint drips. Due to this, each bottle is basically a collector’s item, and not a bad one at that.

One thing which is really exciting about this project to me, is the fact that Hill has provided images of his process work and experiments on his website. It’s always nice when you can see how the designer got to their final piece and the amount of work they put into it, with Hill’s work being no exception.

Example of Hill’s process work from the project:

Some of his experiments with dripping paint on different bottles:

Further process work can be found on his website.

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