How Far Would You Go For Free Snacks?

This fantastic advertising campaign from Australian company “Fantastic Delites” shares similarities with that of the Coca-Cola advertising campaigns which I looked at a few months ago as it involves a machine dispensing free items. The main difference with this one though is that members of the public had to work for their prize.

Tasks from pressing a button a huge number of times, to doing crazy dances resulted in a free pack of snacks for the participant. This creates a great element of interaction between the public and the campaign due to the large crowds which showed up to see people potentially embarrass themselves in public.

This video shows the machine in action and the crazy tasks it got people to do. It also shows the huge crowds that it drew in, which show both the overwhelming popularity of the campaign, as well as the whole sort of support side of taking part, with crowds cheering people on as they pressed a button 5,000 times.

Overall, I feel that this is a great campaign which really makes the most of its interactive concept in a fun and exciting way. It’ll be really interesting to see how interactive campaigns like this are handled in the future.

There is also an online side to the campaign which offers further prizes.

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