A Filmtastic Piece Of Design

A great piece of reusable packaging by Linna Xu for todays post. As part of a self-initiated project to reintroduce and encourage the use of analogue film techniques she created packaging for Ilford’s 120 film. The best part of the packaging however, is that it can be turned into a working pinhole camera within which you can use the film.

Packaged within the box is everything you need to turn it into a pinhole camera:

Xu has really thought of the history of the product whilst designing the packaging. Visually, it is meant to resemble a Twins Lens Reflex Camera from the 1800’s, which was one of the earliest types of cameras to use the 120 film. The chosen type styles and the washed out colours also add to the classic feel of it.

The simply designed instructions for the assembly of the pinhole camera:

This is a really ingenious way of reusing the packaging for film and is in my mind (if you’ll excuse the pun) a filmtastic piece of design!

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