A Puzzling Collection Of Wines

“El Buscador”, “El Guía” and “El Nómada” (The Seeker, The Guide and The Wanderer) are a set of three wines designed by Spanish Graphic Design agency Dorian. Their design is based on the concept of leisure, with each of the three bottles having a different puzzle as part of the label. This links to the sort of recreational time experienced whilst drinking a glass of wine.

It’s a really creative and original idea that invites consumers to interact with and participate directly onto the bottle itself to try to complete the puzzles. In my opinion, the concept works brilliantly with the idea of relaxation, as these sort of puzzles link well with my view of the wines target audience and what they might be doing whilst drinking it. I also really like the overall design of the bottles, with it being minimalist and predominately white, whilst some great contrast is provided by the colour on both the label and the band near the top of the bottle.

The design was successful enough to be a 3rd place winner in the wine and champagne category at The Dieline Awards 2012. You can see all the winners from the awards here.

Below are some close up images of the labels as well as the puzzles being used:

Overall, a really creative idea and a fantastically designed set of wines.

Found via thedieline.com


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