More Great Work From BETC

After looking at the work of BETC in a post a few days ago, I decided to have a look at some more of their earlier work and found these two great pieces.

The first is an advert for French TV crime channel 13éme RUE. A great piece of comical advertising, it doesn’t advertise the channel by using crime shows, but rather choses to see what a sports competition would look like if shown on the channel. The result is a fantastic clip from a biathlon where the competitors start shooting each other in an attempt to win. It is made even better by the calm and unfased voice-over throughout.

Second is this web-based interactive adventure for the same channel. Entitled “Je tue un ami 2” (I kill a friend 2) it promotes the channel by allowing you to have a friend kidnapped. You fill in their details along with a picture of them and it sends them an email telling them that they have been kidnapped. They are then given three minutes to investigate their abduction and stop themselves being assassinated by using the sort of investigatory techniques used in shows on the channel.

Stills from the interactive adventure:

There is also a video which explains the whole idea, how it works and how you can take part. I wasn’t able to find a version of it on YouTube to embed in this post, but you can watch it here.

This is a great piece of what could be called viral marketing due to the viral possibilities of getting friends involved. It also makes great use of the subject matter of the shows on the TV channel and gives you a great chance to indulge in the kidnapping of someone you don’t really like!


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