A Typographical Experience

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a massive fan of design that encourages interaction between it and the viewer, and this work by Lo Siento is no exception. These great handmade paper letterform, which they refer to as 4D type as it is two of the same character within one letterform, allow the viewer to see at least two versions of the letter within the same structure, which creates a viewer interaction as they walk around it and experience it.

Close up of the letter R:

This video shows the production of the 4D typography, as well as it in action:

This use of typography in different ways and how it changes when viewed from different angles reminds me of the work of Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson. Their anamorphic typography installations, which they did as part of their final first year project at Central St Martins were part of an idea to look at the relationship between architecture and graphic design.

Using a technique called anamorphosis the phrase within each installation is only visible from a certain angle and so therefore requires the viewer to move around to view and experience the whole piece.

The below video shows how the type becomes visible from a certain angle:

These two different projects represent for me what I really love about this kind of design. Getting the viewers to really engage and experience the work for themselves in their own way, which makes it both personal and fun for them.

The ideas and themes behind the work of producing typography in alternative ways is also something which I have looked at in my own work. This is shown particularly in my Baseline Magazine project in which I questioned the idea of why typography should be produced in conventional ways.

(Yes, I know it says “Why does typography have to be on paper?” even though it is printed on paper!)

Found via designtaxi.com and designboom.com


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