The Brilliant And Witty Work Of BETC Paris For Canal+

It’s more of a shock to myself than anything else that I haven’t looked at this great series of adverts by BETC Paris before. Produced for French TV channel Canal+, the series has won many awards. They have won a couple of highly prestigious awards recently for the latest advert that features a bear as a film director which won both a D&AD Yellow Pencil and a Cannes Grand Prix in the film craft category.

The bear advert aims to reinforce Canal+ to the public as a channel which predominately shows films, saying that the more you watch Canal+, the more you’ll love cinema. This is wonderfully executed through the use of the bear skin rug that is usually found in front of the TV as the film director.

As I said earlier this great advert is just the latest in a series of ones created for the channel. Below are three of my favourites from the others, all of which highlight different aspects of filmmaking and film viewing, in an excellent and witty manner.

The Closet:

The March of The Emperor:

Brokeback Mountain:

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