Computer Alert Street Art – The Awesome Work Of Jilly Ballistic

New York based street artist Jilly Ballistic has used a series of personalised well known computer alerts in her latest work to alter advertisements to show her views on them in a sort of guerilla-art style.

She has pasted these computer messages onto billboards and posters, looking to convey underlying messages about the adverts themselves, taking a comical look at consumer culture and the lack of quality in products and movies. This in my opinion creates a freshness amongst the saturated world of advertising of useless things.

Jilly Ballistic is also known for her fantastic sticker street art, such as the great piece below called “Target Practice with the Jellyfish on India Street”. All of her work can be found on her Flickr account here.

A collection of pieces from her great Computer Alert series can be seen below:

This sort of witty alteration of advertisements reminds me of work from “Depressed Copywriter”, a group of people who have altered the messages of adverts to say more realistic things. A post about this work can be found here on my friend Maisie’s blog.

Work by Jilly Ballistic found via


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