If The Official London 2012 Olympic Posters Had Been Done By Graphic Designers

When the official posters for the London 2012 Olympic Games were revealed late last year, the general reaction to the was mixed. The one group of people who were really opposed to the choice of using purely artists for the posters was the world of graphic design. Designers felt pretty miffed that they hadn’t been given the opportunity to design something themselves that would be viewed by thousands of people over the course of the olympics.

This opportunity has been given back to them however, in a new exhibition called Fit. Put together by Jonathan Barnbrook and Vaughan Oliver, Fit is an exhibition of alternative Olympic posters produced by some of Britain’s top designers, whom Barnbrook and Oliver felt would have been asked to design the official ones, had graphic designers been considered.

Below is a selection of my favourites from the exhibition. They were designed by, in order; Why Not Associates, Bibliotheque, Build, Jonathan Barnbrook, Jeremy Leslie, Tomato, David Pearson and Matt Willey.

A number of the posters, due to the fact that they were produced as alternative ones, have a comical or witty element to them. The designers of these ones have taken advantage of the fact that they were producing them solely for the exhibition and so could produce something fun, which would in no way be even considered for an official poster by the Olympic committee.

Posters such as the ones designed by Why Not Associates and Jeremy Leslie do this to great effect and that is why they are probably my favourite two, closely followed by the brilliant poster by David Pearson.

This great article from creative review discussed the official posters when they were released.

All work found via creativereview.com


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