Magical Marshmallow Packaging

This wonderful vibrant packaging for Wondermade marshmallows was created by The Heads of State and printed by Studio on Fire. The almost Willy Wonka-esque design is for a range of six boxes of flavoured marshmallow squares and is both simple and elegant.

Each flavour has its own specific box colour, with the company’s great brandmark on the front. The printing of the whole packaging was done using letterpress by Studio on Fire to add an element of texture and a handmade feel to the design.

Their logo is a hot air balloon which relates perfectly to the airy marshmallows they produce, with the basket supports forming a W being a nice touch.

Close up of the fantastic brand mark with the letterpress printing indentations clearly visible:

Another great piece of the design is the short straplines on the side of the boxes. Relating well to both the airy theme of the design and the Willy Wonka comical style, my favourite is the one that says “made with 100% sweet, magic air”.

Perhaps the most well thought of part of the packaging and the one thing that brings it all together is the label that holds the box closed and has the flavour information on it. The top edge of each label is cut into the shape of clouds, therefore creating an awesome piece of playfulness between it and the brand mark, which really brings the whole thing together.

Found via You can buy the marshmallows here.


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