BBC Olympic Titles Unveiled. Remind Me Of Something

The BBC unveiled their title sequence for the London 2012 Olympics yesterday which will feature before all of their olympic programming during the events this summer. Created as part of a collaboration between RKCR/Y&R, Red Bee Media and Passion Pictures it turns the UK into a giant sporting venue for the events to take place in. We therefore see characters diving into Scottish lochs and running on tracks next to terraced houses whilst accompanied by some orchestral music by Elbow.

RKCR/Y&R created the concept for the trail, with Red Bee Media producing it and Passion Pictures animating it.

Apart from the great concept behind the idea, watching the characters in the titles reminded me of something. Not only does the overall feel and style of the titles remind me of the famous Lloyds TSB adverts, but the characters also bared a strong resemblance in my opinion to those from the fantastic Pixar movie ‘The Incredibles’. I wonder if this resemblance was what Passion were looking for when they animated it, or whether it is merely a strange coincidence.

Still from Olympic titles:

Lloyd TSB advert:

The Incredibles, see the resemblance?:


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