A Slice Of A Yellow Pencil

D&AD is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the student awards being handed out this afternoon, which I am looking to post about tomorrow. The professional awards ceremony however, took place a few months ago in april, some of the winners of which I have talked about before (click here, here or here for these posts).

The awards for ‘In Book’ and ‘Nomination’ at the professional awards were previously just certificates, and so did not match physically up to the yellow pencil award. To mark the 50th anniversary, Turner Duckworth created physical representations of these awards without diluting the importance of the yellow pencil itself.

What they produced were two ‘slices’ created from the same material and in the same hexagonal shape as the yellow pencil, meaning that the awards have a much more long-lasting feel. Having a physical award also represents to clients the achievement of the designer much more than a certificate ever could.

The ‘In Book’ award:

The design for these also won a Cannes Bronze Lion so it has produced an interesting occurrence where an award has been awarded an award!


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