Your Train Leaves In Two Hamburgers

I’m not sure whether McDonalds is the healthiest thing to be eating whilst you’re waiting for a train, but I can’t deny that this piece of advertising by DDB is very clever. I’ve looked at the work of DDB UK before with their adverts for VW, however this piece was done by the company’s Warsaw branch.

Trains in Warsaw’s Central Train Station are notorious for often being late. Looking to advertise and promote the station’s McDonalds as a place to go whilst waiting for your train, they chose to get rid of the old bland arrow signage and use a timetable instead, where the delays for each train are not measured in time, but in McDonalds food you have time to eat.

Just like a regular timetable, it displays all the normal information that the passenger would need, such as destination and platform, however, as I said before, the time delayed is given in McDonalds food. Presented as mini icons of the items, they also change in real-time, getting less and less until it is just a coffee when your train is nearly at the station.

Video about the idea and showing it in action:

How the idea was created:

I think this is a great piece of advertising that merges important information needed by passengers with the McDonalds details in a really creative way. It’s also been proven to work, with it increasing customers to the stations McDonalds by 4,500 within the first month.

Found on Design Taxi


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