The Queen Is A Football Fan?

QR codes and augmented reality are two things which have I looked at within design in previous posts. They are, in my opinion, two great ways in which designers can create an interaction between the consumer and their product.

I found on JKR’s blog this new campaign from betting company Paddy Power that aims to promote them over the period of Euro 2012 by using augmented reality and the Queen herself.

It uses a relatively new kind of mobile based augmented reality advertising called Blippar. When you scan a ten pound note a face painted Queen appears vocalising her support for England at the Euros and providing you with a link to the Paddy Power betting site.

It’s a great comical and witty piece of marketing that is sure to be successful as it provides an interaction with something that most people often have in their pockets. This Blippar technology is something that I’m sure we will be seeing more in the future, providing augmented reality links with many everyday objects. Whether that will be a good thing or not though, I don’t know at the moment.

Here is the Queen in action:


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