What Happens When Ten Students Try To Design A Magazine?

So I gave you all a taster of my work on Issue 65 of Benzanoe Magazine in Sundays post, but now that I have pictures of the completed initial mockup I thought I’d show you them. As you may notice there have been a few changes since that post, with my ‘Define’ section being inverted to white on black and the ‘Design’ section being renamed to ‘Develop’. The layout of ‘Define’ has also been altered to increase the idea of clarity within it.

To recap, myself and nine of my peers formed the design team for this issue, which was headed by one of our course tutors who runs the magazine. Based on the theme of ‘The Future Is Only Present Hope’ we chose to split the magazine into four sections, with the fourth the actual magazine and the initial three chronicling the production and design of it.

The first section called ‘Define’ was the one which I had the most input on. It contained content such as; the names of the design team and contributors, a history of the magazine and a list of things we as a team wanted to get out of the production experience. As I said in Sundays post, we chose to lay it out simple with a lot of space around the text to provide the sort of clarity the content needed.

The ‘Discover’ section contained full bleed images of all of the things we looked at for research, along with comments on them written on post it notes. ‘Develop’ is the whole stage of idea generation and design distilled in a sort of ‘cut and paste’ style which I feel reflects really well the sketchy sort of work that is going on during this period. The final ‘Delivery’ section is laid out in the sort of way you would expect from a magazine and will be in full colour in the final copies of the magazine.

This whole week of work was great for me, working as part of a design team was a lot of fun and a great experience for the future. I feel that we have produced a magazine we can all be proud of, the design of the different sections fits really well with the content they contain and overall it forms a story and journey of our process. I can’t wait for it to be printed and be out there in the world!

If you have any questions about the magazine please leave them as a comment below. I’ll post some info about where you can buy a copy of the magazine when they go on sale later this year.


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