Award Winning Coca-cola Advert Designed By Student

I was going to post about Benzanoe Issue 65 in today’s post, however I’ve decided to do that tomorrow after I found this great piece of advertising.

Coca-cola and their advertising campaigns are something which I have covered before on this blog, however I felt that this one, which won a Cannes Grand Prix this year was too good to not do a post about it. Designed by 20 year old Hong Kong student Jonathan Mak in conjunction with Coca-cola and Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai it takes the well known ribbon from the Coca-cola logo and transforms it into a hand passing another a bottle of Coke.

Mak became famous worldwide and ultimately was offered this job due to the image he produced of Steve Jobs after his death last year. It went viral within days, and uses the same style of logo reinvention as seen in the Coca-cola advert.

The advert itself does not feature any kind of logo or slogan, instead relying purely on the strength of the image itself to make the link between advert and product. I myself did not initially notice the use of the Coke ribbon and therefore the product being advertised. However, looking back on it now, it seems so obvious that I don’t know how I didn’t see it in the first place.

Images found on Jonathan Mak’s blog and


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