Creative Elastic Band Packaging

This great packaging for elastic bands by Ric Bixter is both simple and creative. Part of a brief to redesign and make interesting something from a pound shop, he has done just that. Three varieties are produced, with the boxes becoming more and more squeezed by the band on the outside as the strength increases. This makes the packaging truly interesting and also quite comical, with the text on the front advertising the product in an almost circus like style.

The back of the packs continue the same typography style seen on the front, featuring a list of different things that can be done with the bands. Some of them however, I wouldn’t think the best things to try to do, such as ‘Keep a deadly animal at bay’ and ‘To be hung as a majestic decoration’.

Overall, I feel that this packaging is really interesting and creative. I hope you agree with me, just don’t try to sue me when you get attacked trying to keep a wild animal at bay with an elastic band!


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