J2O Gets A Redesign

As a designer, it’s always nice when you find out who designed something you have liked for a long time. This was the case for me with J2O when I found out they were designed by JKR who came to give a lecture at my uni last month. Recently, when I have bought J2O, I have noticed a difference in packaging from the one designed by JKR, and with a bit of digging, I found out a bit about the redesign which officially launched recently.

Brand design agency Blue Marlin took over the design of J2O from JKR, reinventing it as a sleek and sophisticated product for a more adult audience which is embodied by a new bottle shape. The vibrant colour palette, embossed wave on the bottle and redesigned logo all promote the selling point of J2O, its mixing of flavours.

JKR’s previous design for J2O. They also designed the original packaging and came up with the name for the product:

The new range designed by Blue Marlin:

Redesign found on packagingoftheworld.com


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