Pearlfisher Gets Us All To Appreciate Olives

I myself am not the biggest fan of olives, which may seem a bit odd given the product I am going to talk about today, but in my opinion you don’t have to like a product to appreciate its packaging or design. Also the brand of the product in question combats my distaste for olives as you will find out later.

Pearlfisher, who for some strange reason I only recently discovered, produced this packaging which I found on Dieline for a new range of olives called Bodega. A range of five different varieties, Pearlfisher has produced everything from the packaging and identity, to the brand name itself.


The bold, distinctive typography, illustrations and simple colour palette tie the pack sleeve perfectly with the origins of the product, and this is further pushed through the container being styled like an olive pickers basket. The use of adjectives such as lively and vibrant to differentiate between olive flavours is a great touch in my mind, reminding me of the sort of words used when describing wines. This simplicity and little touches allow Pearlfisher’s designs to be compelling and different to the usual olive packaging and therefore stand out on the shelves.

As I hinted at earlier, the most interesting part of the brand is its ‘Antipasti Appreciation’ strapline. Bodega feel that olives and antipasti are not an acquired taste like I myself thought, but rather food that everyone can enjoy once they have found their chosen flavour. Vaz Frigerio, Bodega’s olive expert and buyer sums up this thought perfectly; “When people try olives for the first time, you don’t always get a positive reaction. We believe we have something in the range to suit all taste buds, however sophisticated – the Mild Nocellara in the Bodega range is the most popular olive in central and southern Italy and has a taste that is accessible to olive lovers and beginners alike. There is no such thing as an olive gene, it is about finding and tasting the right olive for you.”

Pearlfisher have really thought of everything when designing this product which is something I really appreciate as it is similar to my own way of working. The packaging is immediately engaging, making me want to buy it, so you never know, Bodega olives and their ‘Antipasti Appreciation’ concept may be what gets me to actually start liking olives.



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