Music & Photo Sunday 5 – 1,000 Views

So yesterday evening I passed 1,000 views on this blog and so I would like to use the start of this post to say thankyou. When I started this blog I never thought for one second that it would take off like it did and that I would reach this milestone within five weeks! Thanks to everyone who has viewed this blog in countries all over the world; Slovakia, Pakistan, Greece, South Africa, France, Israel, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Malaysia, Ireland, India, Canada, USA and of course the UK. I hope I can continue to provide interesting posts for you as I move forward and that this blog will continue to grow and become more popular.

Now back to our regular programming!

This weeks photos are from a trip to St Mawes for an afternoon of jazz music and ice creams:

Some classic old school hip-hop for you:

Thanks once again for getting me to 1,000 views and here’s to the next 1,000!


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