Viral Marketing In Cinema – Part 2

So today is the continuation and conclusion of yesterdays post on viral marketing for films. I’m going to start by looking at one of the most popular and successful viral marketing campaigns of all time, that of The Dark Knight. Designed by 42 Entertainment the main part of the campaign was a hugely complex alternate reality game where members of the public got to become a citizen of Gotham City and take part in a series of events and tasks that unlocked movie trailers and info on the film.

From rallies supporting Harvey Dent to opportunities to join the Joker’s army, the utter scale of the campaign and numbers of people who took part was unreal. The popularity of this is campaign is sure to be one of the main factors as to why The Dark Knight became at the time the second highest grossing film of all time, with the biggest opening weekend of all time.

The campaign for the films sequel The Dark Knight Rises has been pretty minimal at the moment, with two different pieces being released. The first is a series of images from a case file on Batman that were released on the films website.

Included with the file was a collection of locations where Batman has supposedly been spotted which is actually a call for the public to get involved in a scavenger hunt at these locations to potentially unlock movie content in a way similar to the campaign for The Dark Knight. The second released piece for the campaign is a package that contained a t-shirt with the films villain Bane on it, as well as a map with several locations circled.

These circled areas could turn out to be rallies similar to those from the previous film for Harvey Dent, however, in my research for this post I couldn’t find any follow-up to this. It seems odd, given the success and scale of The Dark Knight campaign, that this one is small at the moment, although I’m sure that in the month or so until the films release the campaign will pick up speed. However, it may not even need it due to the fanbase created by the popularity of the previous movie.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this conclusion to the little mini series of viral marketing posts this week. Rest assured that I will be returning to good old fashioned design with a vengeance next week!


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