Bringing Character Back To Parcels

Wrapped up packages aren’t always the most exciting thing in the world as, lets face it, parcel tape doesn’t look that attractive. Mmiinn has looked to combat this problem and bring an element of character back to parcels by creating this range of four rolls of tape. Each roll express the function that tape performs through wit and metaphor, using images of objects that perform the same role to create the illusion that the package is closed with them rather than tape. This illusion means that the tape no longer has to be used merely for closing the parcel but instead can be used by the packer to add an element of story to it (see last image below).

Not only is the whole concept of the tape very exciting, but the packaging it comes in is very well designed. A simple white box with minimal typography and some great illustrations of the product should be used mean that you are not distracted from the tape itself.

Tape being used to add character or a story to the box as well as closing it:

Don’t forget that tomorrow will the last in the sort of mini-series of posts about cinema based video marketing and advertising, so stay tuned for that.


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