Music & Photo Sunday 4 – Time Well (Mis)spent

Regular viewers will already know this, but for those of you who are new to my blog, Sundays are when I mix it up a bit. Sunday posts usually feature a song and picture from my week, however, as I said in last Sundays post, I had planned changes for this week. Unfortunately these changes haven’t ultimately come to fruition as of yet, so I thought would make this a slightly longer post instead.

This weeks pics are from a trip down to the beach with my family, who came to visit this week:

The song is one which I haven’t stopped listening to since I got it. Mayer Hawthorne featuring the brilliant Rizzle Kicks:

I know that this is supposed to be a design free post, but I had this as an advert before a video I was trying to watch on YouTube. It is a great, funny piece of advertising that is easily one of my favourite adverts of the year so far and just shows that adverts before YouTube videos can sometimes be interesting.

In the future, who knows what will happen with these Sunday posts. However, I do want to potentially include one small element of design within them. Any thoughts on how to improve these kind of posts would be useful as I’m rubbish at coming up with ideas myself. Just leave any thoughts as a comment below.



  1. maisiebenson

    I saw that wispa advert the other day and my initial reaction was that I loved it but then I was pondering it and realised I didn’t actually get it! What does chocolate have to do with misspent time? I like what they’ve done just don’t really see the link to the brand? Nice photos though!

    • Sam Bennett

      Good point, I suppose they’re just encouraging people to have fun doing pointless things and that somehow relates to chocolate? See, this is why I don’t normally try to work out the meaning behind adverts, it just gets confusing! Oh and thanks for liking the photos!

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